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What Does it Mean to Be a "Woman of God?"

There’s this phrase that’s always thrown around in the church: “woman of God.” But what does it really mean? Recently I've had this hunger to really understand what it looks like to follow Jesus as a woman, so I’ve been finding and following different women preachers on social media and listening to their sermons. I’ve always had a particular burden for women and younger girls. I love when women gather, encourage each other, and share life together, because the things we struggle with are hard and we aren’t meant to walk the journey alone.
So the women I’ve been following/stalking include: Havilah Cunnington (she loves the Word of God and breaks it down in a digestible way), Jenn Johnson (she looks like a superstar yet she’s not afraid of letting the whole world in on her weaknesses and “hot mess” days and moments), Lysa Terkeurst (she is so vulnerable about common "woman feelings" and situations like rejection and relational breakdown, and teaches on the better and h…

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