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When God Wants to Prove a Point

I've always struggled with feelings that I'm not enough. I think many people do, but living with a voice that's hard to hear just sort of amplifies those lies that tell me I'm not audible/outspoken/outgoing/whatever enough. But God has cared enough to work out events in my life just to prove to me that I am enough. And oftentimes when God wants to prove a point to me, He will take years to do so. He'll orchestrate a series of events that all fit together like a puzzle, and progresses like a symphony with this amazing finale where I'm blown away by His faithfulness, goodness, and love for me. I'm here to share one of those stories. It's a testimony of God proving my identity to me - through my career, out of all things. I hope it encourages you that our God sees past what man sees, and is hope for those whom others deem hopeless.

Back in the summer of 2014, I had stumbled upon an opportunity to be a photographer for Google Business, taking photo…

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