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Giving Thanks

Recently I was listening to a sermon by Candace Johnson titled "giving thanks." Among the plethora of reasons why it's important to give thanks, she said it helps us to see what God is doing. A lot of times we’re so caught up in negative thinking and feeling frustrated/hopeless with our circumstances, that if we don't give thanks we'll completely miss what God is actually doing in our lives for the good. I’ve learned that in a lot of circumstances, we can’t see any good until we actually open our mouths and start giving God thanks anyway. Then it’s like the floodgates open and we have a bunch of things to thank Him for!

One perfect example of this is when I recently ran into a couple that Joseph and I regard as our spiritual father and mother - they have taught us so much and poured themselves out for us in prayer and encouragement in the past. It was my dad’s first weekend at his nursing home, and just as I was about to leave after getting him settled in, I spot…

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